Mount Vernon WA Moving Services

Mount vernon wa moving company

Mount Vernon WA Moving Services

Moving can be quite stressful, especially if you are doing all the work yourself. You need to find boxes and other packing materials, do the actual packing, then beg friends with trucks to help you. Instead of going this route, you can hire a Mount Vernon WA moving services company to do some or all of the work for you. They have solutions that meet all your needs, whether you are a business, family, or individual who requires one or more of their services.

Mount Vernon WA Residential Moving Services

If you do not have the time to do all the packing yourself, We Like To Move It, Move It is the moving company that can do all of it for you! We will bring plenty of boxes, tape, and even bubble wrap to make sure your delicate or fragile items stay in one piece and arrive at their destination exactly as they were before. No matter how many rooms you have, We will pack every single thing under your roof. Of course, if you have time to pack but just don’t have the equipment or manpower to move the boxes, then we will be happy to move your belongings, in a safe and efficient manner for you.


Though residential moves are a mainstay of many moving companies, you will also find lots of the same businesses also do office moves. Instead of potentially injuring yourself moving heavy desks and filing cabinets, allow the professionals to do it for you. If you own a business and are relocating to a new site, they can help you pack up all your inventory and get to your new storefront.

Mount Vernon WA Senior Moving Service

We Like To Move It Move It!! LLC  also does senior moves. Usually this is where a senior citizen is downsizing to a smaller home, and they need help at every step to get it accomplished. The team assigned to senior accounts ensure that everything is explained, and usually even call ahead the day before to remind the customer that they will be there the next day. They understand that relocating is a sensitive time for many seniors, so they ensure that everything is done professionally and very respectfully.


Should you find that you just have too much stuff for your new location, then storage services can be purchased. We Like To Move It, Move It!! will be offering secured storage services in the near future at their location. But for now, the moving team will need to take your belongings to your new home, and then drop off the stuff that needs to be stored at a storage unit. Many storage options in terms of size and climate control are available.

Safe and Secure Mount Vernon WA Moving Services

Everything you own is in our truck when we move you, so it makes sense that you want it to be secure. We Like To Move It, Move It!! is a fully licensed and insured moving company. You can rest assured that we treat every move as if it was our very own items and are prepared if the worst should happen.

Commercial Moving Services In Mount Vernon WA

We also help many small businesses in the greater skagit valley move when they need commercial moving services. If you are a commercial location in mount vernon area be sure to contact us to get a great quote for moving your business. We are one of the best mount vernon commercial moving companies out there!!

Standard Mount Vernon Moving Prices

All of our moving services are billed by the hour. We start billing our time as soon as we leave the moving office, and stops when your moving team returns to our office. We bill in 15 minute increments to give you the fairest amount of time billed as possible. If you are interested in seeing all of our moving service rate please check out our services and pricing page.

Another option is the labor only moving service option. This service is generally used when you have a moving truck already, and everything is packed. However, you may have big, bulky furniture items or especially heavy boxes that are hard to move. In this instance, our moving team can carry the boxes onto your truck, providing labor without packing or traveling.

Get your Mount Vernon Moving Quote

To get a personalized moving quote, call us at 360-525-7654, or use our contact form on the top of every page here on our website. local service provider for a quote. Be sure to schedule in advance for the best rates and time availability.

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